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Joe Biden - Vice President of the USA - Born: 1942 USA, Pennsylvania - Married - Children: 3
  • Annual: USD 230.700,00
  • Monthly: USD 19.225,00
  • Weekly: USD 4.614,00
  • Daily: USD 922,00
  • April 2014: Adjusted gross income for the Bidens in 2013 was $407,009, $230,700 of that is the salary of Joe Biden as vice president.
    Huffingtonpost December 28th, 2012: As of March 27, 2013, federal employees will see a half to one percent pay increase. Biden's pay will increase to $231,900.
    Returns for 2011 released by the White House on April 2012 show the Bidens paid $87,900 in federal taxes on adjusted gross income of $379,035. Their income was $143 below their 2010 return, but their tax bill was $1,274 higher. In both cases, the effective tax rate was just over 23 percent. Most of the couple's income came from the vice president's salary of $225,521 and Mrs. Biden's wages of just over $82,000 for teaching at Northern Virginia Community College.
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    Update: 2014-4