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Hillary and Bill Clinton
Both US Politicians/Public Speakers
Born: She 1947, he 1946
Children: 1
  • Annual: USD 28.000.000,00
  • Monthly: USD 2.333.333,00
  • Weekly: USD 538.461,00
  • Daily: USD 76.712,00
WSJ July 2015: The Clintons’ 2014 return showed they earned about $28 million and paid tax of almost $10 million that year. Gifts to charity totaled about $3 million, almost all of it to the Clinton Family Foundation. Mrs. Clinton reported gross speaking fees of about $10.5 million before expenses, and gross earnings as an author of about $5.6 million. The former president reported about $9.7 million in gross speaking fees and about $6.4 million in gross consulting fees
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Update: 2015-7
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