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Malta: In accordance with article 7 of the Employment and Industrial Relations Act, an employer has to explain to the employee the provisions of any recognized conditions of employment as may be applicable and deliver to the employee a written statement about such conditions as may be prescribed (in regulations). If a written contract has been signed between the parties, employer is bound to provide the worker a signed copy of agreement until the 8th working days from the day of commencement of contract. In cases, where written contract has not been signed between the parties or if a written contract does not include all necessary information that an employee needs to be notified about, employer is bound to provide a worker with a letter of engagement or a signed statement within 8 working days from the date of commencement of employment. Such letter or statement should include following information: personal information of the parties; date of commencement of contract; probation period; wage rate and overtime rates; wage payment intervals; normal hours of work; expected or agreed duration of employment contract (for fixed term contracts); vacations and holidays; job description and job title; notice period; condition under which fines may be imposed; and reference to a collective agreement governing an employee's working conditions and all other relevant or applicable conditions of employment. An employer who contravenes above provisions is guilty of an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine of not less than €116.47c and not more than €1,164.69c. Sources: §7 of the Employment and Industrial Relations Act (CAP. 452) last amended by Act IV of 2015; Information to Employees Regulations (S.L.452.83)
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