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Ireland: An employment contract is a contract constituted by the undertaking of one party (the employee) to perform work as instructed by the employer and of the other party (the employer) to provide work for the employee and pay wages. According to section 01 of Terms of Employment (Information) Act 1994, contract of employment is a contract of service or apprenticeship and any other contract whereby an individual agrees with another person, who is carrying on the business of an employment agency within the meaning of the Employment Agency Act, 1971 , and is acting in the course of that business, to do or perform personally any work or service for a third person (whether or not the third person is a party to the contract) whether the contract is express or implied. If the contract is express, it may be in the oral or written. Thus the above act does not require an employment contract to be in written form. Anyone who works for an employer for a regular wage or salary automatically has a contract of employment whether written or not. The Terms of Employment (Information) Act provides that an employer must issue its employees with a written statement of terms and conditions relating to their employment within two months of commencing employment. It must include the full name and address of the employer and the employee, place of work, nature of the work, date of commencement, expected duration of employment (for a fixed term contract), wages, terms of salary payment, pay reference period, working hours, terms or conditions relating to paid leave (other than paid sick leave), any terms or conditions relating to incapacity for work due to sickness or injury, any terms or conditions relating to pensions and pension schemes, periods of notice and a reference to any collective agreements which affect the terms of employment. (Terms of Employment (Information) Act, § 3)
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