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Ireland: The maximum average weekly working hours (including overtime) over a 4-month period cannot exceed 48 hours. The employer shall notify the employee with at least 24 hours in advanced the times at which the employee will be required to start and finish working in each day, or on which days is required to work additional hours. Relevant provisions on overtime rates have been not identified in Irish legislation. The normal weekly working hours and maximum overtime hours have not been clearly identified in Irish legislation and are determined through collective agreements. The 48 hour limit is averaged over a reference period of not more than 4 months. The reference period can be extended to 6 months for certain specified activities (e.g. surveillance, hospitals, electricity/gas, airports/docks, tourism industry related businesses) and to 12 months if there is an agreement between employer and employee and such agreement has been approved by the Labour Court. The overtime compensation is not clearly identified in legislation. The 48 hour limit can be exceeded in exceptional circumstances or in emergencies beyond the employer’s control. (Organization of Working Time Act § 4(5), 5, 15(1))
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